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"...though there's nothing like the mess that you've been through, there's really nothing like the mess that you're in..."


- Drive All Night - jybrd -

Jybrd  /'hai . brid/  is a conglomerate. 

Jybrd is a singer/songwriter, a band, an ensemble, a collective, a memory and a wish.

Jybrd is a promise that has both failed and been fulfilled.

Jybrd is poetry and music; aims at philosophy and art; and works towards love and understanding.

These songs are the tip of the invisible iceberg of talent, dedication, and kindness that the many members and sometime-members, the friends and family that make jybrd, have given, for the love of music and friendship.

We couldn't be happier that you are here, and we hope you enjoy. And if you do enjoy, share it with a friend-- what kind of friend are you, anyway?

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